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Zia Reads Iqbal

1- The Colourful Rose
2- Mirza Ghalib
3- The Cloud on the Mountain
4- The Interrogation of the Dead
5- Moth and Candle
6- Reason And Heart
7- The Candle
8- The Morning Sun
9- Pathos of Love
10- The Tombstone of Sayyid
11- The New Moon
12- Man and Nature
13- Love and Death
14- The Heart
15- Farewell O World's Congregation!
16- The Portrait of Anguish
17- The Moon
18- Bilal
19- The Story Of Adam
20- Firefly
21- On the Bank of the Ravi
22- The Traveller’s Request
23- Do not look at the garden of existence like a stranger
24- Unusual in state, distinct from the whole world they are
25- One should not see the Spectacle with the material eye
26- What should I say how much Longing for dejection I have
27- The one I was searching for on the earth and in heaven
28- When that Beniaz opens His Graceful Hand
29- I bear hardships on myself, I am unconcerned with others
30- Majnun abandoned habitation, you should abandon wilderness also
31- Love
32- Addressed To the Students of Aligarh College
33- The Beauty and the Love
34- Moon and Stars
35- The Unsuccessful Effort
36- Man
37- One Evening
38- Solitude
39- The Message of Love
40- To Abd Al-Qadir
41- Sicily
42- The life of Man is no more than a breath!
43- O God! Teach a little Love to my happy Intellect.
44- The world will know when the flood of conversation will emerge from my heart
45- Time has come for openness, Beloved’s Sight will be common
46- The Islamic Cities
47- The Star
48- Two Planets
49- The Royal Cemetery
50- The Philosophy of Grief
51- The Anthem of the Islamic Community
52- Patriotism
53- Qat`ah
54- The Complaint
55- The Moon
56- The Night And The Poet
57- The Assembly of Stars
58- Strolling in the Celestial World
59- Address to the Muslim Youth
60- The Eid Crescent
61- The Candle and the Poet
62- Muslim
63- Before the Prophet’s Throne
64- The Answer to the Complaint
65- The Good News of the Dawn
66- Prayer
67- Fatima Bint ‘Abdullah
68- The Siege of Adrianople
69- Evolution
70- Abu Bakr The Truthful
71- In Memory of My Late Mother
72- The Sun’s Ray
73- Bilal
74- A Conversation in Paradise
75- Religion
76- An Incident of the Battle of Yarmuk
77- Religion
78- Remain Attached To the Tree Keep Spring’s Expectation
79- The Flower
80- Shakespeare
81- I and You
82- Late Shah Din Humayun
83- Khizr the Guide
84- The Rise of Islam
85- O zephyr! Convey my message to the one wrapped in blanket
86- O dejected nightingale your lament is immature still
87- Lift the veil from thy Face and be manifest in the assembly
88- The spring breeze is flowing again start singing, O Iqbal
89- No wonder if the garden birds remained fond of poetry even under the net
90- Arise in order that we may make the order of the sun’s journey fresh
91- My epiphany of passion causes commotion in the precinct of the Divine Essence,
92- All potent wine is emptied of Thy cask;
93- If the stars have strayed—To whom do the heavens belong, You or Me?
94- Bright are Your tresses: brighten them even more:
95- Make our hearts the seats of mercy and love,
96- Whether or not it moves you, at least listen to my complaint—
97- Give to the youth my sighs of dawn;
98- What avails love when life is so ephemeral?
99- My scattered dust charged with Love The shape of heart may take at last:
100- Thy world the fish’s and the winged thing’s bower;
101- Contrary runs our planet, the stars whirl fast, oh Saki!
102- Due to Thy benevolence, I am not without merit,
103- Set out once more that cup, that wine, oh Saki—
104- He is the essence of the Space as well as the Placeless Realm—
105- My Saki made me drink the wine of There is no god but He:
106- At times, Love is a wanderer who has no home,
107- Slow fire of longing—wealth beyond compare;
108- Love, sometimes, is the solitude of Nature;
109- Have You forgotten then my heart of old,
110- Grant me the absorption of the souls of the past,
111- By dint of Spring the poppy-cup, with vintage red is over-flown:
112- I learnt from Abul Hasan:
113- Mine ill luck the same and same, O Lord, the coldness on Your part:
114- This reason of mine knows not good from evil;
115- Methought my racing field lay under the skies,
116- To be God is to have charge of land and sea;
117- Reason is either luminous, or it seeks proofs;
118- This Adam—is he the sovereign of land and sea?
119- Lovely, oh Lord, this fleeting world; but why
120- All Nature’s vastness cannot contain you, oh
121- Who is this composer of ghazals, who is burningly passionate and cheerful?
122- The breath of Gabriel if God on me bestow,
123- Fabric of earth and wind and wave! Who is the secret, you or I,
124- Thou art yet region-bound, transcend the limits of space;
125- The free by dint of faqr Life’s secrets can disclose:
126- Hill and vale once more under the poppy’s lamps are bright,
127- Muslims are born with a gift to charm, to persuade;
128- Through Love the song of Life Begets its rhythmic flow:
129- Of passion’s glow your heart is blank, Your glances are not chaste and frank:
130- A host of peril though you face, Yet your tongue with heart ally:
131- Rely on the witness of the phenomenal world
132- These Western nymphs A challenge to the eye and the heart,
133- A heart awake to man imparts Umar’s brains and Hyder’s manly parts:
134- In the coquetry and fierceness of the self there is no pride, there are no airs.
135- A recreant captain, a battle-line thrown back,
136- At London, winter wind, like sword, was biting though,
137- The ancient fane in which we live Has heaps of thorns at every turn;
138- The way to renounce is To conquer the earth and heaven;
139- Though reason to the portal guide,
140- The self of man is ocean vast, And knows no depth or bound:
141- The morning breeze has whispered to me a secret,
142- Thy vision and thy hands are chained, earth-bound,
143- The mind can give you naught, But what with doubt is fraught:
144- The splendour of a monarch great Is worthless for the free and bold:
145- You are neither for the earth nor for the heaven:
146- O Prisoner of Space! You are not far from the Placeless Realm—
147- My mind on me bestowed a thinker’s gaze,
148- From the heavens comes an answer to our long cries at last:
149- All life is voyaging, all life in motion,
150- Every atom pants for glory: greed
151- This wonder by some glance is wrought, or Fortune’s wheel has come full round:
152- What should I ask the sages about my origin:
153- When through the Love man conscious grows of respect self-awareness needs,
154- Once more I feel the urge to wail and weep at dead of night:
155- Devoid of passion’s roar I can exist no more:
156- Nature before your mind present,
157- Alas! The mullah and the priest, conduct their sermons so
158- The magic old to life is brought by means of present science and thought:
159- Other worlds exist beyond the stars—
160- The West seeks to make life a perpetual feast;
161- If self with knowledge strong becomes, Gabriel it can envious make:
162- The schools bestow no grace of fancy fine,
163- Events as yet folded in the scroll of Time
164- To Lover’s glowing fire and flame the mystic order has no claim:
165- Intuition in the West was clever in its power,
166- O manly heart, the goal you seek is hard to gain like gem unique:
167- A monarch’s pomp and mighty arms can never give such glee,
168- On me no subtle brain though Nature spent,
169- By men whose eyes see far and wide new cities shall be founded:
170- To God the angels did complain 'Gainst Iqbal and did say
171- Over the tussle of heart and head
172- Arise! The bugle calls! It is time to leave!
173- The Gnostic and the common throng new life have gained through my song:
174- Through many a stage the crescent goes and then at last full moon it grows:
175- In the maze of eve and morn, o man awake, do not be lost:
176- The cloisters, once the rearing place of daring men and royal breed,
177- From Salman, singer sweet, this subtle point I know:
178- The crown, the throne, and mighty arms by faqr are wrought these wonders all:
179- In my craze that knows no bound, of the Mosque I made the round:
180- Knowledge and reason work in manner strange,
181- The rituals of the Sanctuary unsanctified!
182- O wave! Plunge headlong into the dark seas,
183- Am I bound by space, or beyond space?
184- Confused is the nature of my love for Thee,
185- I was in the solitude of selfhood lost,
186- Faith, like Abraham, sits down in the fire;
187- Arabian fervour has within it the Persian melodies,
188- A restless heart throbs in every atom;
189- I wish someone saw how I play the flute—
190- Thy vision is not lofty, ethereal,
191- Neither the Muslim nor his power survives;
192- Distracted are thy eyes in myriad ways;
193- Selfhood in the world of men is prophethood;
194- The beauty of mystic love is shaped in song;
195- Where is the moving spirit of my life?
196- Thy bosom has breath; it does not have a heart;
197- I am not a pursuer, nor a traveller,
198- Pure in nature thou art, thy nature is light;
199- They no longer have that passionate love—
200- Not translated yet
201- Dew-drops glisten on flowers that bloom in the spring;
202- Conquer the world with the power of selfhood,
203- A Prayer
204- The mystic's soul is like the morning breeze:
205- The Mosque of Cordoba
206- Mu‘tamid’s Lament In Prison
207- First Date Tree Seeded By Abdul Rahman the First
208- That blood of pristine vigour is no more;
209- Spain
210- The veiled secrets are becoming manifest—
211- Tariq’s Prayer
212- This revolution of time is eternal;
213- Lenin
214- Song of the Angles
215- God’s Command
216- Theorizing is the infidelity of the self:
217- Ecstasy
218- The Moth and the Firefly
219- To Javid
220- Mendicancy
221- Heaven and the Priest
222- Church and State
223- The Earth is God's
224- To a Young Man
225- Counsel
226- Poppy of the Wilderness
227- Iqbal recited once in a garden in Spring
228- Sakinama
229- Time
230- The Angels Bid Farewell to Adam
231- Adam Is Received By the Spirit of the Earth
232- The Mentor and The Disciple
233- Thy body knows not the secrets of thy heart,
234- Gabriel And Iblis
235- The Prayer-call
236- Though I have little of rhetorician’s art,
237- Love
238- The Star’s Message
239- To Javid
240- Philosophy and Religion
241- A Letter from Europe
242- At Napoleon’s Tomb
243- Mussolini
244- A Question
245- To the Punjab Peasant
246- Nadir Shah of Afghanistan
247- The Last Testament of Khush-hal Khan Khattak
248- The Tartar's Dream
249- Worlds Apart
250- Abu al ‘Ala al-Ma‘arri
251- Cinema
252- To the Punjab Pirs
253- Politics
254- Faqr
255- The Self
256- Separation
257- Monastery
258- Satan’s Petition
259- Blood
260- Flight
261- To the Headmaster
262- The Philosopher
263- The Eagle
264- Disciples in Revolt
265- The Last Will of Harun Rashid
266- To the Psychologist
267- Europe
268- Freedom of Thought
269- The Lion and the Mule
270- The Ant and the Eagle
271- Like the wind of morn imbibe the wish to blow,
273- To Readers
274- The Prologue
275- Dawn
276- No God But He
277- Submission to Fate
278- Ascension
279- Admonition to a Philosophy Stricken Sayyid
280- The Earth and the Sky
281- The Decline of The Muslims
282- Knowledge and Love
283- Ijtehad
284- Thanks Cum Complaint
285- Dhikr and Fikr
286- Mullah of the Mosque
287- Destiny
288- Oneness of God
289- Knowledge and Religion
290- Indian Muslim
291- Written on the Occasion of The British Government's Permission to Keep Sword
292- Jihad
293- Authority and Faith
294- Faqr and Monarchy
295- Islam
296- Eternal Life
297- Kingship
298- The Mystic
299- Dazzled by Europe
300- Mysticism
301- Islam In India
302- Ghazal
303- The World
304- Prayer
305- Revelation
306- Defeatism
307- Heart and Intellect
308- Fervour For Action
309- The Grave
310- The Recognition of a Qalandar
311- Philosophy
312- God's Men
313- The Infidel and Believer
314- The True Guide
315- Believer
316- Muhammad Ali Bab
317- Fate
318- Invocation to the Soul of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)
319- The Way of Islam
320- Guidance
321- Faqr and Monkery
322- Ghazal
323- Resignation
324- Unity of God
325- Revelation and Freedom
326- Soul and Body
327- Lahore and Karachi
328- Prophethood
329- Adam
330- Makkah and Geneva
331- To Elder of the Shrine
332- The Guide
333- A Muslim
334- Punjabi Muslim
335- Freedom
336- Preaching of Islam in the West
337- Negation and Affirmation
338- To the Amirs of Arabia
339- Decrees of God
340- Death
341- By Grace of God, Rise!
342- Goal
343- Modern Man
344- Eastern Nations
345- Awareness
346- Reformers of the East
347- Western Culture
348- Open Secrets
349- The Testament of Tipu Sultan
350- Ghazal
351- Awakening
352- Upbringing of Selfhood
353- Freedom of Thought
354- The Life of Selfhood
355- Government
356- Indian School
357- Upbringing
358- Foul and Fair
359- Death of the Ego
360- Honoured Guest
361- Modern Age
362- A Student
363- Examination
364- The Schools
365- Nietzsche
366- Teachers
367- Ghazal
368- Religion and Education
369- To Javid
370- The Frankish Man
371- A Question
372- Veil
373- Solitude
374- Woman
375- Emancipation of Women
376- Protection of the Weaker Vessel
377- Education and Women
378- Woman
379- Religion and Crafts
380- Creation
381- Madness
382- To My Poem
383- Paris Mosque
384- Literature
385- Vision
386- Might of Islam Mosque
387- Theatre
388- Ray of Hope
389- Hope
390- Eager Glance
391- To the Artists
392- Ghazal
393- Being
394- Melody
395- Breeze and Dew
396- The Pyramids of Egypt
397- Creations of Art
398- Iqbal
399- Fine Arts
400- Dawn in the Garden
401- Khaqani
402- Rumi
403- Newness
404- Mirza Bedil
405- Grandeur and Grace
406- The Painter
407- Lawful Music
408- Unlawful Music
409- Fountain
410- The Poet
411- Persian Poetry
412- India’s Artists
413- The Great Man
414- New World
415- Invention of New Meanings
416- Music
417- Zest for Sight
418- Verse
419- Dance and Music
420- Discipline
421- Dancing
422- Communism
423- The Voice of Karl Marx
424- Revolution
425- Flattery
426- Government Jobs
427- Europe and The Jews
428- The Psychology Of Slaves
429- Bolshevik Russia
430- To-day and To-morrow
431- The East
432- Statesmanship of the Franks
433- Mastership
434- Advice to Slaves
435- To the Egyptians
436- Abyssinia
437- Satan to his Political Offspring
438- An Eastern League of Nations
439- Everlasting Monarchy
440- Democracy
441- Europe and Syria
442- Mussolini
443- Complaint
444- Tutelage
445- Secular Politics
446- Civilization’s Clutches
447- Advice
448- A Pirate and Alexander
449- League of Nations
450- Syria and Palestine
451- Political Leaders
452- Psychology Of Bondage
453- Slaves’ Prayer
454- To the Palestinian Arabs
455- The East and The West
456- Psychology of Power
457- My hills and dales! Where can I go, leaving everything behind?
458- Tribes have been ever fighting among themselves,
459- Your destiny can’t be changed though prayers;
460- This wily heaven, the moon and the sun
461- These schools and games, this continuing uproar,
462- He who creates in this world of Becoming,
463- People of Rome and Syria have changed and so have those of India;
464- The crow cavils that your wings are ill-looking,
465- Love is not by nature ignoble like lust;
466- That young man is the light of the eye of the tribe,
467- The lamp that once lighted your nights
468- Secularism and Latin script! What a meaningless controversy!
469- To me this world appears topsy-turvy;
470- Without the boldness of an outspoken man, Love is deceit and fraud;
471- The story of man is a witness to the truth:
472- It is death for the nations to be cut off from the Centre;
473- One man of certitude among millions
474- Sher Shah Suri has so well said:
475- True sight is not that distinguishes between red and purple,
476- The man of the desert of the mountains
477- The Devil’s Conference
478- The Advice Of An Old Baluch To His Son
479- Painting and the Painter
480- The State Of Barzakh
481- A Deposed Monarch
482- Litany of the Damned
483- The Late Masud
484- A Voice from Beyond
485- What fruit will the bough of my hope bear–
486- Set him free of this world’s affairs
487- Upset this world of morn and eve,
488- My poor estate makes proud men covetous,
489- Rescue me please from wisdom’s narrowness
490- Iqbal said to the Shaykh of the Ka‘bah:
491- The old flame of desires has grown cold
492- The talk of Muslim is interesting,
493- The clairvoyance of the zephyr
494- Of love and losing what words need be said?
495- Why is there no storm in your sea?
496- If with the heart’s eye the intellect would see aright
497- Sometimes by rising from the ocean like a wave
498- Your springs and lakes with water pulsating and quivering like quicksilver
499- Harder than death is what thou call’st slavery,
500- Downtrodden and penniless is Kashmir now;
501- When the enslaved people’s rage boils and they rise in revolt against the master,
502- The partridge flies with the majesty of the falcons;
503- The dissolute know the Sufi’s accomplishments
504- Come out of the monastery and play the role of Shabbir
505- Thou think’st it a mere drop of blood; well
506- When flowers’ bookshop opened in the garden
507- The freeman’s veins are firm as veins of granite
508- All of the self dwell ignorant, whether by Light touched or purblind
509- Nations in whom life marches to action
510- It is the sign of living nations
511- How heretically do you play the game of life?
512- The ways of the West are calculating, the ways of the East are monkish;
513- O land of charming and sweet flowers what need is there to explain:
514- Self-awareness has made the mujahid forget his body,
515- Nourish that lofty will and burning heart,
516- I walk lonely the earth; hear my lament,
517- To Sir Akbar Hyderi the Chief Minister Of Hyderabad Deccan
518- Husain Ahmad
519- The Human Being
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