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Secretary General Jamiat Talaba Arabia Mr. Muhammad Afzal, met with Director of Iqbal Academy Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui

Mr. Muhammad Afzal, Secretary General, Jamiat Talaba Arabia, met with the Director of Iqbal Academy Pakistan. The guest briefed that the aim of Jamiat Talaba Arabia Pakistan is to train the youth of the madaras (religious schools) for becoming the “Shaheen of Allama Iqbal” by eliminating the Sectarianism, prejudices, linguistic issues and religious idols. For which the Cooperation of Iqbal Academy Pakistan will be required.
Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui said that Iqbal Academy Pakistan is always trying to enlighten the new generation with the thoughts of Iqbal. For which a plan of action is being prepared to include Iqbal Studies as a subject in the contemporary religious curriculum. Due to distance from Iqbal's thought, the youth as individuals and as the nation as a whole os suffering from disorder and inaction. We are deprived of Iqbal's thought which can irrigate our soul, remove the darkness of our inner being and enlighten it with the light of knowledge. Mr. Afzal also visited the library. On this occasion, Mr. Wajid Iqbal, Administrator of Jamiat Talaba Arabia North Punjab Province and Muhammad Talha, administrator of Lahore District were also present.

Iqbal Academy Pakistan