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60th meeting of the Governing Body

Federal Minister for National Heritage and Culture Syed Jamal Shah presided over the 60th meeting of Governing Body of Iqbal Academy Pakistan Lahore, Jan 26: He expressed the hope that the guidance and recommendations of Governing Body members would help Iqbal Academy Pakistan to pursue its mission of promotion Iqbal's works and messages among younger generation. He added that it was the efforts of our scholars that the tradition of understanding of Iqbal was progressing in a good way, adding that “we want to see Iqbal Academy, a national institution for the promotion of Iqbal's thought stronger and active and in this regard it would be provide all kinds of support and patronage so that it can play its role in a better way”. The Members of Governing Body including Senator Walid Iqbal, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zia UL Haq, DG IRI, Syed Shaukat Amin Shah, Treasurer IAP, Prof. Dr Abdul Razzaq Saber, VC University of Gawader amd Mr. Naveed Khalid, DS NH & CD as well as Dr. Abdul Azeem, DG DOAM and Mr Suhbat Ali Talpur, JS, Finance Division attended the meeting.
In the beginning Board offered Fateha on the demise of renowned Iqbal scholar, former member Governing Body Prof. Dr. Rafi u Din Hashmi and paid tribute to his services on Iqbal Studies.
IAP Director Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafique briefed the members about performance and agenda items.
The Governing Body has constituted a committee to chalk out the feasibility for establishment of Iqbal Academy's sub-offices in provincial capitals of Pakistan including Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. The Governing Body also encouraged the Iqbal Academy to adopt modern marketing tools for enhancing the sale of products of the Academy through online stores. Members of Governing Body also appreciated the efforts of Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui for successfully organizing International Iqbal Conference recently.


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