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On the occasion of the 146th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal, Federal Minister for National Heritage and Culture Division, Syed Jamal Shah along with the Director of Iqbal Academy Pakistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui visited the Iqbal's mausoleum.

on 9th November, 2023, The Federal minister paid tributes to Dr. Iqbal and said his teachings itself became the foundation of the establishment of Pakistan, and even today we could lead our country towards development by using his thoughts as a light and a roadmap. Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui said we will play the role of vanguard to keep Iqbal's and Quaid's thoughts alive forever. Dr Allama Iqbal was well aware of the scientific and technical progress of the present age, he added. The Minister wrote down the feedback in the guest book. Administrator Aiwan e Iqbal Anjum Waheed, Muhammad Riaz Chishti, Muhammad Nauman Chishti, Faheem Arshad, Muhammad Ishaq, Abdul Jabbar and Muhammad Tayyab were also present on the occasion.






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