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Book Launch – Punjabi Translation of Zabur-e-Ajam

In connection with International Mother Language Day, Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized the book launch ceremony of the Punjabi translation of Allama Muhammad Iqbal's Persian book “Zabur-e-Ajam” titled "Khazainat ul-Asrar". The ceremony was held at Aiwan e Iqbal. The event was chaired by former Director General Punjab Institute for Language, Art and Culture Dr. Sughra Sadaf. Allama Iqbal's Persian book Zaboor-e-Ajam has been translated into Punjabi by Sufi poet Hafeez Ahmad Qadri Qalandri. Dr. Nabeel Ibad, Principal Government Islamia College Railway Road, Lahore, Dr. Muhammad Riaz Shahid, Mr. Akhtar Jaja, Humayun Al Khoudi, Fariduddin Masood Advocate were the speakers. Director Iqbal Akademi Pakistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi presented the vote of thanks. The event was hosted by Mr. Imtiaz Kokab.

Iqbal Academy Pakistan