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Birth Anniversary of Bazm-e- Fikr-e- Iqbal

Birth Anniversary (Youm-e-Tasees) of of Bizm-e-Fikr-e-Iqbal was celebrated on 17th January 2024 in the auditorium of Chagatai Laboratory Head Office Lahore. The event was presided over by Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiuqi. Bazm-e-Fikr-e-Iqbal Patron-in-Chief Dr. Waheed-uz- Zaman Tariq and Central Senior Vice President Dr. Mahmood Ali Anjum highlighted the services of Bazm-e-Fikr-e-Iqbal in their address. They paid tribute to the services of Bazm founder Dr. Qamar Iqbal and appreciate his efforts


Iqbal Academy Pakistan