Javidnama is often considered to be Iqbal's magnum opus. It contains close to 2,000 couplets which express a fear that if Muslims dicho- tomise under the cultural impact of the West, the spiritual and the temporal--the vital contact between their life and the fountainhead of their spiritual values--will be broken and Islam as a complete way of life will be stifled.

Inspired by the Night Ascension of the Prophet, the poem describes a spiritual journey from this world to the heavenly spheres of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and from there beyond the bounds of creation towards the Divine Presence. Beginning with the loneliness of the poet in his earthly abode of separation, and the potentiality of Man who is but a mere handful of dust, the poem reaches its climax when the journey ends in absorption in the contemplation of Divine Majesty and Beauty.