I wish not this world nor cosmos whole,
Save that I know the essence of soul.
So kindle my kowtows with melting glee,
Move the world and heavens in trance with me.

1.         The highest bliss (melting glee) of direct link with God, when heart starts saying ALLAH, ALLAH while the lips are tight. An initial state in which the man feels as if his heart is one foot long due to its quick movements a phase of highest bliss which cannot be compared with any mundane joy. This experience is quite common with hundreds of men in each city. Then the heart also visualises the light of a Prophet of Allah with whom his temperament is analogous (similar.) Sometimes in this phase a Moslem sees the wonderful light of the Jesus (Isa alaihis salam), the Moses, Abraham, Adam, Muhammad (Godís blessings be upon them. It happens in a natural way, sometimes without any meditation. This experience may be for few hours a few days or months or more.