Get me Seenay’s1 truth, and love of his name,
Get me Rumi’s fame and Khisro’s2 flame.
In obeisance mould I have cast my frame,
I shun any offer of godship’s game.

1.         Seenay: Hakim Sinai-ee, known for his philosophy and poetry, full name Abut Majd Mujaddad Ghaznavi, born in 5th c. Hijra, was a court poet of Sultan Behram Shah Ghazni, was living there like slaves. He became a disciple of Kh: Abu Yusuf Hamdani who made a true paragon of virtue and knowledge, that the King himself became his devoted adorer. Rumi eulogizes him in a verse.
2.         Khisro Khwaja Abul Hasan of Delhi, one of the nobles of the King, was titled as Bulbul-i-Hind (A nightingale of India), was a disciple of Kh: Nizam-ud-Din, whose mausoleum in Delhi is visited by thousands daily.