To love’an rapture1 sins gave a common sense,
And made ripes’2 wisdom a raws logic hence.
I sing songs hey! to Makkan tunes gay,
Since wine in cup was poured on the first day.2

1.         Some people tauntingly say that the mystic’s Ishq and Masti (Love and raptures) is a sin a; they flee from responsibilities of life, which are al-o a must for every body.
2.         Ripes =viz. philosophers.
The 4th line of this quatrain has been taken by Iqbal from
Iraqi, whose full name is Fakhr-ud-Din Ibrahim Iraqi.
He died at Damascus in 688 Hijra, where he had finally
settled. He also visited Multan with a hand of Qalandars (ascetics) and accepted the initiation of Khawaja Baha-ud-Din Zakriya. I also give here the translation of that quatrain of Iraqi

They took to wine pouring from the first day,
From bearers drunk eyes they made us a prey.
Who himself revealed His secret game,
Why villifys now the poor poet’s name.