When I pressed myself in my own embrace,
Then I saw my place with thy light’s grace.
In this fane old with the morning tears mere,
A world of love and daze lo I cause here.1

1.         The essence of line 1 and 2 is given in a verse of Iqbal whose translation (by me) has been published in the Pakistan Review of April, 1966, is given below

Through a reverie of thy soul,
Find the Secret of the-world-whole.
Either you take me on thy side,
Or You take thee as the self’s guide.

At initiation stage some times a hug of the seeker with his guide becomes a turning point of one’s own life. It happened in my presence when I took an American to a sufi without giving them any hint of my plan. His spiritual guide in America bad strongly warned him, not to see any sufi in Pakistan except scholars of known name like Maulana Maudoodi. That unplanned hug gave a tongue to his heart and he could bear his heart saying Allah Allah all the 24 hours while the lips are closed.