To my shining race I would love to groan,
With new melting thought full of moaning tone.
The etiquette calls for a brief parlance,
I groan, making tones and wish a rest hence.1


1.         The literal translation of line 2 is also very fine, viz. Line 2, I carve melting thoughts full of moaning tone. Line 4, means after all this I wish to die, I wish an eternal rest. This quatrain is a very good example of an impossible plain version called in Urdu and Persian a Sihl-i-mumtana (1. easy, 2. impossible, inaccessible). According to Webster’s Dictionary:— Parlance (Archaic:) conversation esp parley or debate. 2. (not archaic), a style or manner of speaking or writing; language, idiom as a military parlance.