Be nearer to the aim like a moon new,
Seek the higher heights with efforts anew.
A place in this lane if you wish to make,
Make a tie with God in the Prophetís wake.

1.         Basic ideas Seek a tete-a-tete with God in the Prophetís wake. The ultimate aim of each faithful (without distinction of cast and creed) is tete-a-tete with God or the Wisal-i-Ilahi, for which Raza-j-Ilahj is a must. The Namaz, Roza and Zikr are the necessary vehicles through which we strive to achieve the ultimate aim of \Visal-j-llahi. (Tete.a-tete of God is more appropriate than union here). Raza-i-Ilahi, means) pleasure of God.
Namaz; Five time or more prayers to God, Roza; fasting. Zikr; invocation of the name of God.