Come O’ bearer and move the cup of Wine,
And leave the worlds both under long veils line,
He raised all the curtains before this sot,
The codes of His Path the ‘Mullah’ knew not.

1.         (1) Here “bearer” means Iqbal’s own preceptor and religious guide.
(2)       Wine among mystics of Indo- Pakistan and Persia this terminology is used for spiritual guidance. Such technical dictionaries are available in libraries to define these terminologies. The mystics of East are wont to talk in esoterics to avoid an air of pride and boasts.
(3)        Asteen Afshandan bar (or az) Cheezaj means to renounce, to leave the world.
Line 2:- I have added long veils line (after leave the worlds both) to convery the true sense of this Persian phrase. Iqbal clarifies this sense in line 3 of this quatrain. (viz. curtains of pride, pomp and show, criticism, jealousy etc. common with entire mankind).