From her inner verve that race is a flame,
To her the world charms is a worthless game.
What means by I’m God her efforts define,
Her each “Kun”/“be” says “Yakun”/”become” an object fine.1

1.         Basic thoughts This world came into being (in six days) when the God said Kun’ (be), the God’s “Kun” thus turned into a ‘became’, Explanatory notes

What is Soz-i-Daroon (inner flame of love or inner verve of
faithful is further defined by Iqbal on page 63 of Javed
Namah, under the beading of Afghani (Syed Jamaluddin
Afghani), as given below (No. 2, 3. 4 and 5); see Piyam-i-Mashriq (Lala-i-Toor No. 2 and 13).

1.         He is making efforts from Inner verve’s flame, From bonds of East and West to one world’s frame.

2.         My heart is lit up from inner flame, From blood tears my eye views the world’s frame.

3.         To secrets of life they are almost blind, They brand the love’s pathos to deranged mind.

4.         Like moths how long you lead fool’s life,
            How long you wont face the life’s hard strife.

5.         Burn thy self once with thy inner flame,
            Round one’s fire how long you move sans aim.