His thought thus flies with stars and moon rays,
His eye thus views beyond milky ways.
Lay thy restive heart at his fluid tune,
From his quick silver get a quick calm soon.

1.         When you shake the thermometer the mercury settles down. It was difficult to translate the last line of this twin couplet, for example
(I)        Damiíou his breath/say effect. (2) Rasha; a shakine; a shivering. (3) Az; from. (4) Seemab; mercury. (5) Cheenad; chooses or takes.
If you shake a restive heart it gets content. As such the poet is seeking Rumiís shaking for a content, peace and tranquility. Say:-
ďFrom his breath trembles not the quick silver thusĒ. His fluid tune (line 3 is also a restive tune, sharing a grief for the mankind. Thus Iqbalís quick silver is a restive heart who is seeking calm from Rumiís breath viz. Rumiís tune and tone (his poesy).