For sense and heartís sake leave each door ajar,
Take a cup thus from every sectís bar.
Make all the efforts with love and heart pure,
To lead a chaste life with no greed and lure

1.         Line 3, has been taken from a verse of Amir Khisro (viz. Khawaja Abul-Hassan Amir Khisro) known as Nightingale of India (Tooti-e-Hind). He introduced a new branch of Urdu poetry, (songs in womenís language called as raikhtee. One of the classical writers and a known teacher of 14th century A.D Although he was a minister in the court of the king yet he passed his whole life in the company of great disciples and favourite of Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Aulia of Delhi whose annual anniversary is still celebrated with all the pomp and show by the Congress Government of India. under the State patronage, The Prime Minister and President of India make their presence at his tomb, in symposium broadcast by A.I.R. and TN. (All India Radio and T.V).