The Truth chose Arab for caravan’s lead,
On faqr since he tested his own self’s breed.
If the poor’s content with envy is green,
His growth can upset the whole world’s scene.


1.         Here green means flourishing, in ‘figurative’ sanse. It means full of vigour as we say (keep a man’s memory green). He lives to a green old age, although looking green with envy also means pale or sickly looking. I quote below another verse of Iqbal in which Iqbal has used the word  (Ghayoor):

 A nation never falls to ebbs low and mean,
Whose passion was hold and the content green.

 If Europe is peeved at his Muslim name,
Then “Green in Content” is his other name.

 Tn tug and pull’s race envy is a grace.
Which puts Darius crown on poor man’s face.

It may he more appropriate to say:-

It gives Darius grace to a poor Man’s face.