Chapter 18

I talk not of bearer nor of bowl hence,
This love theme, I say in a frank parlance.
From Holies of Ummah what e’er I hold,
In their own frank style to thee I have told.1

1.         Line 2 means

A frank talk I make on love’s other sense.


Now I say not with metaphor’s treat,
To thee I am telling that flame’s true heat.
What ever I learnt from the Holy men,
In a drunkard’s style I give thee that ken.

Here Iqbal’s setting of words is so wonderful that it was difficult to convey that sweet lush (of words) to the readers The literal translation of line 1 and 2 are already given above.

According to Webster’s Collegeate Dictionary “Parlance’ means language, a style or manner of speaking or writing as Military parlance. (b) (Arachaic) conversation, esp. Parley or debate. (Note:—Meaning No. 1 are not archaic).

However, the archaic words (old use) are allowed to b used in poetry for special purposes only.