I hail that day when he turns to selfs bold,
This is the faqrs essence which makes him gold
The lasting life thus in certitude. lies,
A thought when you follow the self then dies.1

1.         Underlying thought:
When you express your own opinion or view in the exegesis of Quran or Hadith it means that you are (unconsciously or inadvertantly) under an impression that the God, and the Prophet, were unable to ezplain those verses, inspite of all the eloquence we owe to the words of Allah in the Holy Quran. There a man claims to be a great scholar than God Himself. As such if you prefer the views of the biggest
scholar on earth over the clear meaning of Holy Quran, then your faith, gnosis and then the certitude in God and the Prophet is not complete The views of different experts, may be the Holiest men on earth, create different castes and creeds in any religion.

This is unthinkable and unbelievable that a particular view or a particular opinion which we know is due to the scholarly knowledge of any one individual. The Holy Books are a common legacy of entire mankind and every faithful has a right to know what is written in the lines. As such no body has got a right to misinterpret any meanings, to mislead others. It is within the privilege of a 100% true faithful to understand the meanings of the Holy Books with his own intellect and academic knowledge because every body is directly responsible to God, who knows what is hidden in our hearts. It is better to teach the meanings of a Book, unnecessary commentries should be avoided. The scholars do not require any comrnentry. The commentous are written only for those people whose knowledge of the text is very poor.