If thy dust has no link with soul and heart,
No rain1 can moisten thy hearts’s any part.
Be free from griefs, guard breath with His hum,
In man full of dam no griefs can come.1

2nd Version

If thy dust shares not secrets of soul,
No rains can moisten the off shoots whole.
No griefs when you inhale Allah’s dam,
In full of dam bosom no griefs can. come.

1.         I, Rain; here it means a guide viz, spiritual guide. 2. dam, breath. Check up this idea with “Hosh dar dam”, No. 2 principle of the mystics of Islam in former India and Iran. See this idea in the following verse of Iqbal

A hawk never falls from flying strains,
With full breath no risk of fall remains.

See Zarbi Kaleem under heading of Israr-i-Paida.