To the morning breeze’ weep’d the dew’ in trance,
I cherish from thee a favour of glance.
I have fostered gloom from the Rose,’ alas!
Thus pass in a way that I fall on grass.1

1.         Badi Subh the morning breeze viz, the poet himself.
The drew; is a Muslim in the company of Rose. Rose; (in the company of rose) = of a rich wealthy man.

Grass; an allusion to a poor man, or the poor. As such the poet has given this message in parables.


A Momin asked me for a favour which,
Has made himself sad in friendship of rich.
The wealthy men’s way has twised my face,
Thus drop me on the poor with special grace.
Her rich are misers friends of joy and Jin,
They never seek essence being bound in Skin.
They worship the kings and sovereign’s might,
They are rivals of faith and godly light.