The heart is a sea which likes no shore,1
A shark2 too shivers from his wave’s roar.
Like tempest which takes jungles of rubble,
The whole sky’s worth, not alike3 his bubble.

1.         Warzeedan to opt for, to incline toward, to choose. Nawarzeedan; does not choose.
2.         Nahang; a crocodile; a whale, a sherk etc.
Line 4 Literal The sky cant contain in its one bubble.
3.         Nayarzad is not equal to. Here nahang (alligator) is probably the Satan. In quatrain No. 311 and 312 Iqbal has tried to explain different states of heart. Sometimes a huge sea in which the whole cosmos can be contained. As such his heart is not a mere lump of flesh which beats in bosom. It is a place in which God himself likes to live when He loves a man.