The Ego is lucent from God’s light rays,
A reach to self gets through out of reach ways
Its separation looks part of ‘wasl’ hence,
And ‘wasl’ a part of separation trance.

1.         Wasl or Wisal means tete-a-tete (of God).
            His separation thus a stage of tete-a-tete,
            And tete-a-tete a stage of parting’s hit.
Here Iqbal has explained perplexing phases of Ego’s varied attributes in a versatile manner. I would like to quote a few verses of Iqbal to throw further light on Iqbal’s expression of self:-

1.         A speck of light whom ego we name,
            Its spark is hid in my dusty frame.

2.         To he lost in His sea, my end was ne ‘er,
            If you find Him once, you die not ever.

3.         When Ego is firm no waning it knows,
            The real wasl’ lies in the parting of beaus.

4.         For the world’s remedy the first preface,
            Her slave and page is the whole human race.

5.         By ego’s call we can shake and break,
            The spell of grandeur we still make.

            This Ego reminds that God is one,
            Alas this point was followed by none.