The Qalandar1 is a bold hawk of sky,
A heavy weight to him so light like fly.
To him his hunting ground the whole blue space,
On dust he makes never his aery’s base.2

1.         Iqbal’s own sense of ghayur’ means jealous for honour, no one word in English carries this sense. Its synonym is ‘a man of parts’ (p1:) abilities, modest, noble, bashful plus chaste conveys the sense of ‘ghayur’.
Basic Thought —
            A jealous for honour, a man of parts,
            Is not suitable in new satan’s chart.
2.         Aery (eerie) the nest or brood of an eagle.
Qalandar; A Muslim sect of Faqirs (mendicants) who shave off the head and beard and abandon all worldly allurements, friends and relatives, travel from plac.e to place, worshipping one God (now extinct), in this quatrain Iqbal is addressing the Muslim Youth to create in them a Qalandar’s grace who pave little heed to this material life and its allurements.