He calls both worlds to Quran by prays,
By such one prayer, Muslim dies nay.
Never knew thus the swains of this Age,
In his prayer hids a doomsday’s rage.1

1.         Swain; (Poet or arch ), Young rustic man regarded as a Love. (Jocular; ) Lover.
The literal translation of line 3 and 4 would be
            This flameless age’s victim-knows not, nay,
            The dooms days are hidden in his calls for Pray’.

Iqbal has expressed this thought in another verse:-

            Save God a Muslim to none would how,
            To Pharoahs his head is never low.

Kushtah (Per ) means killed mercury, a lover, a calx (of lime stone). I used swain because it means a young rustic lover and gallant.