Showing that the system of the universe originates in the Self, and that the continuation of the life of all individuals dependents on strengthening the Self

Showing that the life of the Self comes from forming desires and bringing them to birth

Showing that the Self is strengthened by Love

Showing that the Self is weakened by asking

Showing that when the Sell is strengthened by Love its gains dominion over the outward and inward forces of the universe

A tale of which the moral is that negation of the Self is a doctrine invented by the subject races of mankind in order that by this means they may sap and weaken the character of their roles

To the effect that Plato, whose thought has deeply influenced the mysticism and literature of Islam, followed the sheep's doctrine, and that we must be on our guard against his theories

Concerning the true nature of poetry and the reform of Islamic literature

Showing that the education of the self has three stages : Obedience, Self-control, and Divine Vicegerence

Setting forth the inner meanings of the names of Ali

Story of a young man of Merv who came to the saint Ali Hujwiri-God have many on him and complained that he was oppressed by the enemies

Story of the bird that was faint with thirst

Story of the diamond and the coal

Story of the Sheikh and the Brahmin, followed by a conversation between Ganges and Himalayas to the effect that the continuation of social life depends on firm attachment to the characteristic traditions of the community

Showing that the purpose of the Muslims 's like is to exalt the Word of Allah, and that the Jihd (was against unbelievers), if it be prompted by land-hunger, is unlawful in the religion of Islam

Precepts written for the Muslimss of India by Mir Najt Nakshbandi. Who is generally known as Baba Sahr'ai

Time is a sword

An invocation


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