This world is not a veil over the Essence of God; 625
the image in the water is no barrier to plunging in.


It is delightful to be born into another world,
so that another youth may thereby be attained.


God is beyond death, He is the very essence of life;
when His servant dies, He knows not what is happening. 630
Though we are birds without wings or feathers,
we know more of the science of death than God.,


Time? It is a sweet mingled with poison,
a general compassion mingled with vengeance;
you see neither city nor plain free of its vengeance— 635
its compassion is that you may say, ‘It has passed.’


Unbelief is death, my enlightened friend;
how beseems it a hero to wage holy war on the dead?
The believer is living, and at war with himself,
he falls upon himself like a panther on a deer. 640


The infidel with a wakeful heart praying to an idol
is better than a religious man asleep in the sanctuary.


Blind is the eye that sees sin and error;
never does the sun behold the night.


Association with the mire makes the seed a tree;
man by association with the mire is brought to shame.
The seed receives from the mire twisting and turning
that it may make its prey the rays of the sun.


I said to the rose, ‘Tell me, you with your torn breast,
how do you take colour and scent from the wind and the dust?’ 650
The rose said, ‘Intelligent man bereft of intelligence,
how do you take a message from the silent electric ray?
The soul is in our body through the attraction of this and that;
your attraction is manifest. whereas ours is hidden.’