Thereupon the wise man ceased his discourse; 665
self-intoxicated, he broke away from the world—
ecstasy and yearning snatched him out of his own hands.
Then came into being, by the magic of divine vision—
when it is present the motes become like Mount Sinai,
without its presence there is nor light nor manifestation— 660
a delicate creature in the talisman of that night,
a star shining upon that starless night.
The hyacinth-curls of his two tresses reached his waist,
mountains and foothills drew brilliance from his face.
Wholly drowned in a drunken epiphany, 665
drunken without wine, he chanted melodiously.
Before him the lantern of the imagination span around,
full of wiles as the ancient sphere of heaven;
in that lantern appeared a form of many hues,
hawk pouncing on sparrow, panther seizing deer. 670
I said to Rumi, ‘You who know the secret,
reveal the secret to your companion of little vision.’
He said, ‘This form like unto flashing silver
was born in the thought of the holy God;
impatiently, out of the joy of self- manifestation, 675
he came down into the dormitory of existence,
like ourselves a wanderer, exile his portion—
you are an exile, I am an exile, he is an exile.
His rank is that of Gabriel, his name is Sarosh,
he transports from sense, and restores to sense. 680
It was his dew that opened our bud,
the fire of his breath kindled the dead ember.
The poet’s plectrum striking the chords of the heart is of him,
and it is he who rends the veil shrouding the Kaaba.
Within his melody I have glimpsed an entire universe. 685
now take fire for a moment from his song.’