You have not reached Man, so why do you seek God?
You have fled from your self; why do you seek a friend? 3470
Hang again on the rose-twig and suck in the sap and the dew;
faded blossom, what are you seeking from the zephyr?
What they call musk is two drops of the heart’s blood;
gazelle of the Sanctuary, what are you seeking in Cathay?
Poverty’s assay is by sovereignty and world-dominion; 3475
seek Jamshid’s throne-why do you seek a reed-mat?
Men track it out from the garden of tulips;
why do you seek from me the song drenched with blood?
The vision augments through the company of the enlightened of heart;
why do you seek collyrium from the sorrow of the short-sighted?
We are calenders, and our miracle is world-vision;
seek vision from us-why seek the philosopher’s stone?