My eye sees the whole spectrum of material things.
It captures the world in its comprehensive net.
My field of vision is this side of heaven: I have
Nothing to do with those celestial happenings.
My instrument creates a thousand melodies,
And I put on the market all my mysteries.


Your evil magic sets the ocean’s waves ablaze,
And shrouds the atmosphere in a foul gaseous haze.
When you were friends with me, you were incarnate light;
But since you broke with me, your light is a dread blight;
You were born in the sacred shrine of the Divine;
But you got yourself firmly caught in Satan’s twine.
Come make this dusty waste a garden once again.
Rejuvenate this ancient, time-worn, ailing world.
Come take from me a little of my Passion’s pain,
And under the skies build a lasting Paradise.
From the first we have kept each other company:
We are the treble and bass of one grand harmony.