My thought, engaged in finding out the final truth,
Went to the Ka’aba and the idol-temple both.
I wandered widely in inquiry’s wilderness,
Collecting my skirts like the whirlwind’s flowing dress,
Bound for an unknown destination with no guide,
On my imagination’s shoulders borne astride,
Demanding wine with just a broken cup in hand,
Broadcasting like the dawn a net to catch the wind,
Recoiling upon myself like waves in the sea,
Roaming the desert in a whirlwind’s agony,
But suddenly your love came and assailed my heart
And with a mighty blow it cut the Gordian knot.
It taught me all that being and non-being mean;
It changed my idol-temple to a holy shrine.
And striking lightning fashion my Self’s granary,
It taught my heart the joy of burning silently.
All in a rapture I was carried off my feet;
And I became a shadow, from myself discrete.
The sublimating force of what you taught my heart
Sent my dust soaring right up to Heaven’s starry height.
My being’s storm- tossed ship at long last came to Port,
And into beauty’s channel all my ugliness was poured.
I have no tale to tell except the tale of love:
I do not care if men approve or disapprove.
Of learning’s light I do not have the slightest need;
And all I have to do is burn and melt and bleed.