All the dear delight to see
Are the eyes and heart of me:
If I new an idol fair
From the rock, what sin is there?

Thou art all in veil arrayed,
Lest thy beauty be displayed;
If I do not weep for rue,
Say, what other, can I do?

Ah, if thou wouldst tread sedate
Where the caravan doth wait !
All we offer in the mart
Is a worthless, broken heart.

Once a lyric I designed
That a song might ease my mind;
Will it quench the torch’s glow
When the spark doth upward go?

This my heart thou gavest me
Liketh not in veil to be;
Give it vision, to descry
In the flint the flame doth lie.

There was rapture in my heart;
Wonder, that thou didst impart;
To the given heart in me
All thy love’s sweet agony.

When the waves tumultuous be,
None will put his barque to sea;
It is love that peril sore
Vieweth on the tranquil shore.

Past all worldly gods I went
Splendidly indifferent,
As the risen moon by far
Out-illuminetlh a star.