Or no more command the Muslim,
‘In thy hand thy spirit hold’,
Or create a new-born spirit
In his body grown too old.

Or give charge unto the Brahman,
‘Carve another god for thee,’
Or within his breast engirdled
Dwell thyself in secrecy.

Or create another Adam
Less a little than Iblis,
Or another Satan fashion
To assail his spirit’s peace.

Or a universe fresh-patterned,
Or an inquisition new:
Lord, how long shall thou deal with us
As thou hast done hitherto?

Or be poverty our portion,
But with Khusrau’s majesty,
Or bestow on us a reason
Blest with Gabriel’s potency.

Or the passion for rebellion
In my troubled breast assuage,
Or design anew the temper
Of this country, and this age!