Saqi, on my heart bestow
Liquid flame with living glow;
Let the resurrection day
Dawn tremendous on my clay.

He, for one small grain of corn,
Cast me to the earth in scorn;
Pour one glass, and see me rise
Glorified beyond the skies.

Give to love thy liquor, then,
Strong to loose the thighs of men;
Toss the liquor’s sediments
In the beaker of the sense.

Wisdom and philosophy
Are a grievous load on me;
Heavenly guide! Stretch out thy hand,
Lift my burden, let me stand.

If hot liquor proveth vain
To illuminate the brain,
Suffer me a second chance,
Save me with thy flashing glance.

Fear and hope are yet at odds
In our banquet of the gods;
Make us all in ignorance be
Of the wheel of destiny!

Roses and anemones
Scatter at the autumn breeze;
Yet within our ancient bough
Set the new sap rising now !