Thou didst turn my night to dawning;
O thou sun of presence bright,
Like the sun thou art in brightness,
Light unveiled, most worthy light!

Camest thou to ease my sorrow,
And within my thought didst rest,
Then didst vanish from my vision
With so swift, impetuous haste.

Thou assay of the assayless,
Ease of the reposeless mind,
Cure of the afflicted spirit,
Save too rare thou art to find!

Passion’s sorrow, passion’s pleasure,
Two fold is love’s influence:
Now an agony and burning,
Now the drunkard’s turbulence.

Speak me then, for true thou knowest:
Of my heart the history tell—
Where is now my heart in hiding?
In my breast it doth not dwell.

By the majesty I swear it,
No desire my spirit moves
Save the prayer: An eagle spirit,
Lord, bestow upon thy doves!