Leave no quarter to resist
To this restless heart of mine
Give thy curls another twist,
Let thy tresses intertwine.

In my heart thy lightning shone
Radiant as flashing gold,
Which the expectant sun and moon
Marvelled sorely to behold.

Holy joy to dwell with thee
Fashioned world idolatry;
Love with his deceitful art
Ever cheats the hopeful heart.

Come the meadow-bird again
To the green and meadowed plain,
That with mind devoid of care
I may tune a sweet, new air.

A high soul thou gayest me;
Loose my bonds, and set me free?
Kingly raiment I would spurn
If thy sackcloth I may earn.

If the axe (as legend says)
Cleave the rock, shall that amaze
Love upon his shoulder bears
Such a mountain-range of cares!