A single word sufficeth well
The passion of a world to tell:
The joy to view thee night to me
Moved me to this long history.

Take thou the faculty of speech
From such as yarn thy heart to reach,
Knowest thou not, that love conveys
Eloquence in the tongueless gaze?

To sans of light naught else is known
Except the messenger alone;
The son of earth, in rank so base,
High heaven holds in his embrace.

If but one atom I must give
Of this the fabric that I live,
Too great a price were that, for me
To purchase immortality.

Great ocean, infinitely vast,
Into thy wave myself I cast;
Yet not ambitious to obtain
The pearl, or that far coast to gain.

Into my soul this meaning true
Thou pourest like the summer dew,
Whereof with sorrow and with sighs
A new world dawns upon mine eyes.