No lament, no sigh I uttered;
Naught avail laments and sighs;
Best unspoken, the heart’s sorrow;
There be few to sympathize.

In the shrine and in the temple
There is love-talk every where,
Yet through all the world none knoweth
This great secret- that we share.

Here are things too fine for vision;
As the sparks that upward soar
Guard our world for a brief moment,
And the next it is no more.

Coming by the path of seeing
Thou didst past into my mind,
But so sudden was thy passing
In that hour my eyes were blind.

They that tell the worth of jewels
Would not heed my jewelled ring;
Since the world will not regard it,
Unto thee my gem I bring.

Lo, the goblet mind-illuming
That the West bath given me,
All the sun’s aglow within it;
Of the dawn no sign I see.