Faith depends on arguments
And on magic eloquence;
Yet anon men serve the Lord
With the lance and fearless sword.

Oft the dervish robes conceal
Underneath a coat of steel;
Lovers, slaves to passion’s mood,
With such armour are endued.

When the world too old is grown,
It is burst and overthrown,
Then its water and its clay
Men for new foundation lay.

Stored and cherished capital,
For one glance they yield it all:
What a people these, who take
Profit of thc loss they make!

What upon a blade of grass
Ether-borne they bring to pass,
‘tis not strange that they can prove,
Ponderous mountain chains to move.

Love is as a merchandise;
In Life’s marketplace it lies,
Now at little price is sold,
And anon for mighty gold.

I have sung lamentingly
Out of sleep to waken thee,
Else is Love a labour done
Sighlessly, without a groan.