Greed is acting still his play
This world to dominate;
What new turbulence, I pray,
Behind Heaven’s veil doth wait?

Now and now Mind breaketh through
What idols it designed;
Come, for Love believeth true,
And infidel is Mind.

Thou’rt the Leader of the train;
Then labour fiercely still;
In our tribe, he rule doth gain
Who hath a warrior’s will.

Thou hast closed thine eyes, and said,
"The world’s a dream, no less":
Open thine eves; this dream-abed
Is all of wakefulness.

In thy solitude, alone,
Create a company;
Love, that’s made to know the
One, The Many loves to see.

But an instant quivered he
Ere to the saddle bound–
Fortunate gazelle, to he
So singled out to wound!

In the garden and the mead
I sow my jewelled air;
Precious goods, yet cheap indeed
When there are none to hear.