Rise like the morning air
And learn to blow again;
Tulip and rose are fair;
Play gently with their train;
Deep in the rosebud’s heart
Learn how to stab thy dart.

Though ermine wraps thy breast,
Thou tremblest listlessly;
This way thou shiverest
Will nothing profit thee;
in the assembly learn
With love to shdke, and burn.

Faithless! thy heart astray
Once more upon Him bind;
Break from all else away,
Nor unto Self be blind;
Learn with thy eyes to view,
And how to close them, too.

Breath is a messenger,
Unheard its message told;
Thy dust a vision clear,
Yet thou canst not behold;
Learn once again to see,
And hearing get for thee!

No falcon’s heart of rage
We have, no eagle’s eye;
Like homebirds in a cage
We lack the joy to fly;
Homebirds encaged! arise,
And soar into the skies.

Darius’ royal throne
Men sell not by the way;
That mighty mount of stone
They barter not for hay;
Learn with thy own heart’s blood
To purchase thee this good.

Thou weep’st; yet Destiny
Unchanging doth abide;
The chain that circleth thee
Was aye as firmly tied;
Despair not, but anew
Learn how to weep for rue.

Art thou consumed? Take flame
Out of thy heart’s desire
And wrap thee in the same,
And set the reeds afire;
Along the stubble learn
To run a torch, and burn!