Far, far from every other go
With the One Friend upon the road;
Seek thou of God thy self to know,
And seek in selfhood for thy God.

One piercing glance can ne’er impart
The consummation of it all:
The gaze, the intellect, the heart,
Each needs its vision several.

Love is at Being’s board to sup,
To drain its glass, till all is gone;
Seek not the world-revealing cup,
Seek the world-conquering hand alone!

Naked of foot the travellers are,
Thorny the way, and hard indeed;
Till thou shalt reach thy selfhood far,
Take acquiescence for thy steed,

Only in perfect poverty
The proof of kingship is displayed;
Beneath the rushes seek, to see
The royal throne of Kaikobad.

Look onward; Life is but a way
That to another world doth wend;
From what has been, and passed away.
Depart, and ever seek the end.

But if Fate’s buffet maketh thee
Like the lamenting reed to moon,
Lay down the wine thou took’st from me;
Seek liniment to mend thy bone!