What man art thou, and where thy home?
In the blue skies
The stars have opened
A thousand eyes! to see thee come,

Why shall I tell what thou hast done,
What thou now art?
Mahmud is now with Ayaz–
This breaks my heart!

No Milky Way thou mountest up
At prayer to kneel;
The Sufi’s and the poet’s cup
Thy soul doth steal.

Though Europe many knots united
That chained thy thought,
Intoxication magnified
Her next draught brought.

Much of the Balance and the Scroll
I hear thee say;
Strange, that thou seest not at all
This judgement-day!

Blessed the man, who in his breast
The shrine hath known,
Fluttered awhile, then from the nest
Of speech was flown.

No more the tavern and the school
I venerate;
I do not reckon worshipful
The brow-swept gate!