Ever to be about with men
Proveth the self doth not attain;
To friends be thou a stranger, then,
Who art familiar with pain.

How long before the palace gate
Of princes wilt thou bow thy face?
From God, Who. did thy soul create,
Learn thou the pride of matchless grace

The warrior’s love will come one day
To such a point of excellence
That notice he will no more pay
To mortal beauty’s blandishments.

I sang before the sanctuary
So sad a song of heart’s desire,
That each initiate learned from me
The joy of separation’s fire.

Unseeing are the buyers’ eyes,
And I rejoice and jubilate
Because Loves precious merchandise
Remaineth still immaculate.

Come, let us on the tulip tread
And drink the wine–cup fearlessly;
Lawful it is, if lovers shed
The blood of ancient piety.

Go forth from Muslim company,
And in Islam thy refuge take;
For Muslims count as equity
The measures infidel they make.