This poem is a continuation of the previous one. A logical corollary of the concept of universality of Islam emphasized  in the previous poem is the one of an Ummah, which would be a supranational entity instead of a geographical one. This poem enunciates the political theory of Islam. This matter has been explained in Chapter 3, paragraph “Political Ideology”.

In this age the wine, the cup, even Jam 1 is different
The cup-bearer started different ways of grace and tyranny

The Muslim also constructed a different éaram of his own
The ˙zar 2 of civilization made different idols of his own

                Country, is the biggest among these new gods!
                What is its shirt is the shroud of Dân

This idol which is the product of the new civilization
Is the plunderer of the structure of the Holy Prophet’s Dân

Your arm is enforced with the strength of the Divine Unity
You are the followers of  Musčaf«3, your country is Islam

                You should show the old panorama to the world
                O MuĹčaf«a’s follower ! You should destroy this idol

The limitation to country results in destruction
Live like the fish in the ocean free from country

Renouncing the country is the way of the God’s  Beloved 4
You should also testify to the Prophethood’s Truth by similar action

                In political parlance country is something different
                In Prophet’s command country is something different

The antagonism among world’s nations is created by this alone
Subjugation as the goal of commerce is created by this alone

Politics have become bereft of sincerity is by this alone
The destruction of the home of the weak is by this alone

                God’s creation is unjustly divided among nations by it
                The Islamic concept of nationality is uprooted by it

Explanatory Notes
1. J«m- This is the name  of a Persian king who is reputed to have a wine cup in which he could see the whole world

2. ˙zar- He was the father of S. Ibr«hâm A.S. and is famous as a sculptor of idols in Ur in the kingdom of Chaldea.

3. MuĹčaf«- This is an honorific name of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.

4. Allusion to the emigration of the Holy Prophet S.A.W. from Makkah to Madânah .