The Superstition of Science
Rene Guenon

Iqbal's Philosophy of Art

Riffat Hassan

Muslim & Christian Calendars A Comparative Study
Akhtar Amratsari

Iqbal and the Words of the Quran

Muhammad Munawwar

The University - Repository of Universal and Total Truth
Dr. Absar Ahmad

American, West European and Soviet Attitudes to Iqbal
Riaz Hussain

Jaggan Nath adn Iqbalean Studies
Dr. Rastogi

Iqbal's Analysis of Muslim Culture - A Critical Study
Shahzad Qaiser

Javid Nama: A Study of World Civilizations
Dr. Mohammed Maruf

Book Reviews

Quest for the Eternal
Shahzad Qaiser

Iqbal Aur Maghribi Mufakreen
Prof. Jaggan Nath Azad