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   This site is designed by:

         (SAJID KHAN)


      The Iqbal academy has announced a nationwide competition to develope a site showing different aspects of Iqbal's life like Biography,peotry,Iqbal as poet of east and Iqbal's different concepts like "Khudi".As everyone knows that this year 2003 has been announced as Iqbal's year,so this website is also developed about Iqbal's "shikwa".

     This site is designed in such a way that it should provide maximum knowledge about Iqbal's life,his peotry, his role in Pakistan movement, Poet of east, and his wellknown poem "shikwa".

    During the developement of this site different Objectives are kept in mind, like the main objective is that the youth should get maximum knowledge about Iqbal and his Poetry, So they can understand his poetry and develope an interest to study about Iqbal's life, Poetry and different concepts which were not only essential for the muslims of that age but also the muslims and especially the youth of today.

        "shikwa" is a unique poem of Iqbal, In which he is making a complaint to his God in a very Special manner. In this site the Shikwa is translated in the English so that everyone could easily understand it, not only muslims but also non-muslims so they can understand about Iqbal's vision of real muslimhood.