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Poet of the east

        "Who knows that after the death of Ghalib another person would born in sub-continent who will infuse a new soul in the body of urdu poetry.I think that when Ghalib died, his soul could not lay at rest peacefully therefore he forced another soul to came into being to complete and flourish his love for poetry.Then a person born in sialkot who was Muhammad Iqbal.

        Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal went to Germany after completing his education from cambridge England. There he studied many persian books and Published this as a research paper.He got the doctrait degree from the Germany and the title of 'Sir' by the Europeans on this research paper.

        During his studies he got the education of Persian and Arabic from his teacher Moulvi Syed Mir Hassan Who polished his qualities very well.During his early studies he had started writing "Ghazals".He had also corrected his poetic work by the great scholar of that time Nawab Mirza Khan Sahib Dag Delhavi. After that in Lahore he was very fortunate to have a teacher like prof.Sir Thomas Arnold who had guided him in a unique and different style which influenced his character and poetry very much.

        The urdu poetry of Iqbal Started in 1901 when I seen him for the first time in a Mushahira held in Lahore.Then his fame spread all over India very Soon. The first famous poem was "Himala", That was published in "Makhzen" in April 1901.

        He was a God gifted poet,every time he started to recite his verses(Isshar).The student all around him started to write this for him which is quite a different Style which no one else could have.

        The second periods of his poetry started from 1905 to 1908 during his stay in England.This period had a lot of change in his poetic expressions.He started his poetry in persian instead of urdu.He found it easy to express himself in persian rather than urdu.

        His third period started after the year 1908 in this period many urdu poems gave him fame not only in Sub-continent but also outside the Sub-continent.His three books in persian like "Israr-e-Khudi","Ramoz-e-Baikhudi" and "Piyam-e-Mashriq" were simple and easy to understand. In "Piyam-e-Mashriq" he had given the answer to the famous poet of Europe "Ghoaitay", which introduced him to the Europe and America as well."

(By Sheikh Abdul Qadir Barister at law " Ex-editor 'Makhzen'")