Dramatis Personae


Prelude in Heaven

On the first day of creation Heaven rebukes Earth

Song of the Angels

Prelude on Earth

The Spirit of Rumi appears and explains the mystery of the Ascension

Zarvan: the Spirit of Time and Space, conducts the Traveller on his journey to the Supernal World

Chant of the Stars

The Sphere of the Moon

An Indian ascetic, known to the people of India as Jahan-Dost, who lives as a hermit in one of the caverns of the moon

Nine sayings of the Indian sage

Epiphany of Sarosh

The Song of Sarosh

Departure for the Valley of Yarghamid, called by the Angels the Valley of Tawasin

Tasin Of Gautama

Tasin Of Zoroaster

Tasin Of Christ

Tasin Of Mohammed

The Sphere of Mercury

Visitation to the Spirits of Jamal al-Din Afghani and Sa‘ id Halim Pasha

Religion and Countey

Communism and Capitalism

East and West

The Foundations Of The Koranic World

Man, God’s Vicegerent

Divine Government

The Earth Is The Lord’s

Wisdom Is A Great Goo

Afghani's Message to the Russian People

The Song Of Zinda-Rud

The Sphere of Venus

The assembly of the gods of the ancient peoples

Song of Baal

We plunge into the Sea of Venus and behold the spirits of Pharaoh and Kitchener

The Sudanese Dervish appear

The Sphere of Mars

The Martians

The Martian astronomer comes out of the observatory

Tour of the city of Marghadin

The Martian damsel who claimed to be a prophetess

Admonition of the Martian Prophetess

The Sphere of Jupiter

The noble spirits of Hallaj, Ghalib, and Qurrat al-Ain Tahira who disdained to dwell in Paradise, preferring to wander for ever

The Song of Hallaj

The Song of Ghalib

The Song of Tahira

Zinda-Rud propounds his problems to the great spirits

Iblis, Leader of the People of Separation, appears

Satan’s Lament

The Sphere of Saturn

The vile spirits which have betrayed the nation and have been rejected by Hell

The Sea of Blood

The Spirit of India appears

The Spirit of India laments

The lament of one of the skiff-riders of the Sea of Blood

Beyond the Spheres

The station of the German philosopher Nitezshe

Departure for the Garden of Paradise

The Palace of Sharaf al-Nisa

Visitation to His Highness Sayyid Ali Hamadani and Mulla Tahir Ghani of Kashmir

In the presence of Shah-i Hamadan

Meeting with the Indian poet Bartari-Hari

Departure to the palace of the kings of the East, Nadir, Abdali, the Martyr - King

The spirit of Nasir-i Khusrau Alavi appears, sings an impassioned ghazal, and vanishes

Message of the Martyr-King to the River Cauvery

Zinda-Rud departs from Paradise: the Houris’ request

Ghazal of Zinda-Rud

The Divine Presence



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